Sunday, 21 June 2009

Painting No 1 - Grindsbrook 2008

I chose this for a couple of reasons, apart from liking the scene of course. This is where we scattered the ashes of my brother Tony, a brilliant but unrecognised wildlife artist. Also my mother, a tenacious amateur artist, has had a go at this scene in watercolours so I wanted to compare myself against her attempt.
I need to say at this point that unless stated all my paintings are done from photographs. I'd love to do plein aire but don't yet have the confidence.
For my first outing in oils (or any other medium in the last twenty years) I'm fairly pleased with it. I like the step at the bottom of the stream and the overall effect of the bottom left of the painting. I was probably too ambitious with this as a first attempt. I found the grass and bracken on the right hand side too difficult.

My biggest problem is going to be letting go of the detail. Any drawings I do are full of detail so it's hard for me to stand away from it.

My pallette had far too many greens in it and I got lost in these resulting in the patchwork you see above. I also need to get used to working wet on wet (largely due to lack of patience). I didn't realise how long these paints take to dry.

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